Breaking 20 minutes for 5k is Back


So we're back at this old game. Last year I had Declan Hogan hot on my heels training with me to break the 20 minutes. He's out for the next 6 months so we're going to try it again. 


The plan in case anyone wasn't following the blog the last time is simple. Run 5k in under 20 minutes. The problems are simple.

1) I've never done it before.

2) I'm weighing in just over 90kg

3) I appear to be getting slower not faster.

4) Avoca


So to kick things off I decided we needed to see where we are in relation to the target. I did the parkrun in Shanganagh on Saturday and the time was 22:22 so we're a good bit off. We need to be running 30 seconds faster per kilometre which is no mean feat. I haven't done any specific speed training in a while so looking to over the next 8 weeks do a good bit of speed sessions getting used to running at a faster pace and see if we can get this thing down to under 20 minutes.


On the positive side of things I finished in the top half of the field, a field which included london Marathon winner so it was a stacked field.


So looking at the photo I think I definitely have some weight to drop before the next attempt in 8 weeks. Even if I managed a kg a week that would bring me down to low 80's which would make a massive difference.


Going to include weekly weigh in's to put myself under pressure to stay out of avoca a little bit.



So the training planned for this week so far is very easy. I'm just posting my run training sessions I do swimming and biking (not too much) on top of this.


Tuesday AM Easy pre breakfast run 45 mins

Thursday 20 mins easy warm up 6* Go Gym hill repeat. 50 min run total

Saturday track session (details TBC).


Seems a bit light but i'm sure it'll get more and harder as we close in.

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