#Week 1 breaking 20mins for 5k


Well ok news on the weight front down .7kg. It's not earth shattering and it's below the target of 1kg a week but we'll take it for the moment hopefully get down 1.3kg next week and make up for it.


Training was good this week. We had three key sessions to do an easy enough Aerobic run of 45 minutes a very hard Hill repeat session on the Thursday which was 6 Hills of about 70 seconds in time. My legs felt like I'd just done 10 sets of 10 reps on the squat rack........at one point I felt like Bambi on ice just couldn't hold myself up.


Then Saturday was long run day. I was supposed to do 100 minutes at an easy enough pace. I ended up getting a bit stuck for time and could only fit in 75 minutes. 

We're doing a sea swim next weekend from Bray to Greystones (about 7k) on Saturday morning we had a session planned at 9am so I was trying to fit the run in before the swim but didn't get on the road on time. 


So the plan this week

Drop 1.3kg 

Hit all sessions fully. I can't afford to only be doing 75% on the long run. 


Photo of me not so happy going to do the long run. I'd rather be swimming.










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  • David o Neil

    Great read I’m currently running 24:15 for 5k but am following the program and hope to knock a big chunk off that.

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