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Asics shoe sizing and fit guide 2018

Posted by Damian McKeever on

With the new season in full swing and the brands releasing their new shoe models, Asics have followed suit with their full range of shoes. Their new models have been of particular interest considering some of the feedback on last year’s sizing among their shoes. The 2017 season found that most who tried the shoes went up a half size (50%) and another few (30%) a full size and the rest (20%) stayed the same size. This was easily over come by simply address the bigger fit, but with the 2018 collection they are fitting perfectly.



 Asics new models are now wider and historically considering they fit quite narrow the 2018 season now have more room in the toe box allowing for more comfort. Personally, I wear other brands such as Brooks but have found the new models to be exceptionally comfortable and for a brand that have been in business so long its refreshing to see such improvements still being made. Think I maybe changing to Asics!


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