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New year how to stay on track.

Posted by Damian McKeever on



I don't like using the word New Years resolutions, as there is connotations of people trying something for a few weeks and then completely giving up on it. I think we all no matter what level we are at put a renewed effort into our running in January.

Many people who had a good 2018 but let it slip a little at the end of the year will come back to it with a renewed focus in January. So we've laid out 5 tips to try to ensure you stay with it and keep your new motivation levels high.

1. No man is an Island- If you're new to running or just getting back into it many people will have plans in their head of running maybe three times a week after work. This can be tricky if the plan is always to be on your own, sometimes if you run at least once a week with either friends a run group it just makes you accountable a little more. Those nights in January when it's raining outside you won't go out if it's just you on your own but if people are going to be asking where you are you're more likely to go out. So try and have a group that you meet with once a week at least.

2.Goal- Nothing motivates you quiet like a target. For many people that might be Dublin Marathon at the end of October or others training for Ironman in Youghal. For others it might be breaking 30 minutes for your local park run. If you struggle with motivation there's nothing like setting a goal to keep you motivated. 

3. Equipment- I'm not just saying this as someone who runs a running shop but for all your equipment if that's a Bike in the Triathlon or a wetsuit. Make sure it's new enough and still in working order. There's nothing worse than seeing someone really motivated in January and they go out in their old runners from 2 years ago and get injured, then running is knocked on the head for another year. I have the Fenix 5s watch it's an expensive watch but they way I look at it I don't drink a huge amount and having the watch motivates me to train so that's how I justify the spend. Yes you could go out and run in your old runners but isn't it more enjoyable running in a nice pair of runners that were fitted for your unique running style.

4. Support- So if your goal is something big like the Dublin Marathon make sure your loved ones are aware of your goal and they are supporting you in it. Doing something like a marathon puts pressure on people if everyone knows what you are at it makes it easier.

5. Enjoyable- Whilst it's good to have goals that scare you it has to be enjoyable or you'll never stay with it. We see a lot of people come into the shop and they've signed up for a marathon but don't enjoy the experience. It's a big commitment and you've got to make sure it's something your want.


Good luck with your goals for 2019 I'm sure we'll see you in the shops at some point along the way.

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