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Review of the Hoka Cavu

Posted by Damian McKeever on



The first pair of Hoka's I got was the Hoka Bondi at the Running Show in Texas in 2014. I didn't really like them at the time and so decided not to stock them in our stores. They've come a long way in a short enough space of time. I tried the Hoka Cavu.


The Hoka One One Cavu is very cushioned and feels great on the road in it's first run out of the box. Hoka's are generally quiet light, they look bulky but when you pick them up off the shelf one of the first remarks people usually say is "Jeez it's lighter than I expected". The Cavu is actually lighter then most Hoka it's almost like the Kinvara of Hoka's.

It's popular for doing Intervals and tempo runs and is seen as almost like a racing flat. I'm heavy enough for a runner at 90kg's so I found it to be about as light a shoe as I'd like to wear. For me this would be a racing flat but for a light club runner it would be a good high mileage shoe.

This is a shoe that is a bit like marmite in the shop. When we bring it down as an option the customer will either like it or not. There seems to be very few people who just think it's "alright". It's either not for them at all or it's amazing.

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