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Fitting on Asics shoes.

We've been getting asked this a lot since the new shoes dropped from Asics in December and January of 2016/17. The new Nimbus 19 and Kayano 24 Cumulus 19 2000 version 5 and DS Trainer 22. In 2016 there was some complaints about people poking their toes through the top of some of the previous models so Asics addressed the issue by making the upper stronger and redesigning the toe box as a result though the shoe fits smaller.   We've been doing a bit of research in the shop's at the moment and the trend seems to be something like this 50% of the customers that were in a previous version of the shoe have moved a half a...

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How Often should I replace my running shoes?

This is a question we get asked more often in the shop than anything else. There is no simple answer. As a general guideline you should look to replace your shoes between 500-800 K. However there are a few things that might change that slightly. 1) How you run. So if someone is new to running and has a very heavy foot strike they are going to wear down the shoes an awful lot quicker than someone who is gliding across the surface. Usually the first thing that goes in the shoe is the cushioning. When you're running it's three times your bodyweight coming down so be realistic. If you are perhaps a heavier runner you may only be getting...

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