#Breaking 20 mins for 5k week 3.

So good news this week. No sessions missed but I did blow up again this week, although this time it was on the long run. The long run this week has gone up to two hours. I decided to do it early morning and I'd run Home to Bray via Cliff walk and back on the coast road. 

I had a decent breakfast of Granola didn't drink anything (mistake 1) didn't bring any money either which I normally always do. Got to Bray feeling great took this  photo thinking I was the bomb and just had to run back to Greystones.



So I went up putland hill and very quickly the throat was becoming dry. Started really feeling like crap, eventually got to Old Dell site and was wacked. Kind of ran walked till the old esso garage in Greystones tempted to just go to the beach house and get a drink but ended up getting home drank gallons of water then had thumping headache. Lesson learned.

On the good news still weight is going in the right direction. Down .8kg this week so think that's a total of 2.3kg it's not great but it's down a bit maybe if I get 1.7kg off this week I'll be at my 4kg half way target. 

The speed session on the treadmill was fine this week


Tuesday 10 min warm up 10*1 at 4:40 pace and recover 1 min at 5:40 5 mins easy then 10 mins @4:50

Weds Hilly off road- Did 60 mins in Glendalough was beautiful.

Friday 60 mins to include 4*6 mins @4:50 pace 2 mins easy

Sunday - Long slow run 5:45 avearge pace (died on this only did 90 mins)




  • Damian

    Hey Rory,

    Yes will do someone else had asked for that so I’ll put at the bottom of the blog each week. Hope the training is going well 👍👍

  • Rory

    Hey There,

    Can you publish what each sessions is every week like you’ve done here as trying to follow it remotely.


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