Gait Analysis, what does this mean?

In simple terms, gait analysis looks at your movement while you run or walk. We record you running or walking on our track to see how much your feet, ankles, knees, and hips move to determine the correct type of shoe that will suit your needs.

Sounds like this is something for 'real runners', not for a beginner like me.

We hear this all the time, and I hate to break it to you but if you put on your runners and go out for any sort of run- YOU ARE A RUNNER! We welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities, if you are buying your first pair of shoes because you are thinking of starting a couch to 5km plan, you need a good pair of runners to wear on your morning walks, or you are training for your 50th marathon, come in and have a chat and let us be a part of your running journey.

What do I need to bring?

Shoe fittings can take up to 30 minutes, so we do recommend that you call ahead and book an appointment. While we do certainly welcome walk in customers, those with appointments will get to jump the queue and it helps to reduce any wait time.

We won't have you working up a sweat, but we do recommend that you wear something comfortable that you can move freely in and we will ask you to roll up your trousers so that we can see how your ankles are moving. 

If you typically run in thicker running socks, it would be great to bring them also as they can make a difference to the size you go for!

Also, if you have been running for a while, bring in the old shoes- the wear pattern on the sole of them can tell a lot about what will suit you best also. And don't be embarrassed, I can guarantee that we have seen shoes in worse states!

Are the shoes very expensive? 

Running shoes are a very worthy investment in your running journey, really they are the only thing that you need (as well as good socks!). We stock very good quality shoes that will ensure your feet are well looked after, and we keep our prices as competitive as possible without sacrificing on the quality of the range we offer.

How long will these shoes last me?

A ballpark lifespan of a shoe is about 400km, though it will depend on where you run, how often you run, the type of shoe, and how hard you are on shoes. We had one athlete who went through a new pair of racing shoes for every marathon he did, but definitely most people will not have a hole in the sole after each run!

I have the shoes, the socks, and I want to get out- what's next?

Amazing! There are loads of fantastic running groups and many running clubs have beginner sections. If you prefer to stick to your own schedule, there are excellent Couch To 5km apps that can be downloaded onto smart phones that will break up your training into run/walk segments.

We love the parkrun events, they are an amazing initiative that we always recommend to our customers! They are free 5km events that run every Saturday at 9:30, and I bet there is one very close to you that you could go to. You can register online to get a barcode, which is scanned at the end of the 5km and gives you a time. They are an amazing way to dip your toe into racing, to meet some new friends, and it can be fantastic to see your times come down as you improve! 

Amphibian King, that's a weird name where did it come from? 

We get asked this question a lot and sometimes people tell us they thought we were a pet shop!  In his younger years, Damo liked to add the word King onto the end of most words that would describe him so seeing an amphibian lives on land and water and being a business that sells running and swim accessories it seemed like a good idea to put them together! Mind you, he also thought that cable tying bread rolls to his bike was a good idea on one of his Ironman events. Make sure you ask him about that when you see him in-store.