Breaking 20 minutes for 5k halfway there.

So training has gone ok the last two weeks. 


I had a poor week leading in to Dublin Marathon. It’s a busy time for us been retail partners for the Dublin Marathon tends to have us very busy beforehand with a stand at the expo and all that entails.



Without making too many excuses from the Wednesday on was a right off. Even the diet was poor so whilst I lost 3.8kg in the first 3 weeks it was all undone with one bad week where I put on 4.1kg in a week 🙈🙈🙈. 


At the start of the week one week one of the tasks was to run a sub 4 minute k. If you can’t run one k under the target time you may as well forget it. I was delighted to check my watch at what I thought was the 1k mark turned out it was on 92% there the watch said 3:30 took me another 25 seconds for the garmin to register a k but it was 3:55 I was delighted. Reckon without the messing around was probably close to 3:45. Couldn’t have run any faster but nice to know you can do one k in the time .......... now just have to string another 4 of them onto that 🙈🙈🙈. 

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  • Graham Brady

    Hey there.

    Would you be able to post the full plan that you are following for the 5k

    Looking to do something myself and have seen loads online but I’d be very similar to
    Yourself weight wise and time wise.

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