#Breaking 20 minutes for 5k two weeks out.

The whole lead up to Dublin Marathon was energy draining. Just making sure we had everything set up right for the expo. We had planned to get away as we hadn't gone away this year at all for a week after the expo. We ended up getting a good deal in Lanzarote for 5 days. So we arrived on Monday and I had a full week of runs lined up. Normally I'd be looking forward to sea swimming over somewhere hot but at the moment the whole focus is more on running so I'd three main sessions to do over there. 40 minute run 60 minute easy run Speed session 15 min warm up 4*4min's at 4:40 per k pace with 2 mins easy 1500 meters at 4 min k pace. So similar set to last week but the 1k has been bumped up to 1500 meters. Funnily found the 4 mins on very easy to hold fast enough pace. I kept coming in almost 4:20 pace then recovery wasn't as bad as last week. I was able to jog the recovery whereas last week I was walking the recovery. So I was optimistic I could go under 6 mins for the 1500 meters. Because I was in Lanzarote I didn't really know a flat route. I picked what I thought was a flat route and headed off. I didn't really look at the pace on the watch just the distance so I knew when to stop. I got to 1.3k and then noticed there was a tasty enough hill right in front of me, this did slow me down quiet a bit reckon I lost a couple of seconds. In the end finished at 6:04 so a little out but I'm happy enough with that as I wasn't as wrecked as I was after the 1k and felt stronger. So I've two weeks of training left. I'm not feeling hugely optimistic about breaking it straight off the bat on first attempt but I do think I'll break it before Christmas. Weight was down .8kg of a kilo...........which just isn't enough to be honest.

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