#Breaking 20 Race week.

Another decent week of training behind me. The speed session this week was 6 1k intervals but I was doing them off 4:40 pace with 90 seconds recovery. Surprised at how easy 4:40 felt which is good sign I suppose considering the last time I gave this 5k a shot that was only 10 seconds slower than race pace.

I did feel a bit dodgy on Thursday just felt wiped out and felt I was coming down with something. I had a bike session planned on the Friday.........couldn't do it. Decided to take Saturday off as a recovery day, then tried to do my long run on a treadmill but wasn't feeling it at all. Went back to the bike and tried doing the friday missed session but couldn't do that either. Went to bed early and feel better for it now.

Today Monday of race week I've to do 4*1k intervals then I have to do a 2k time trial straight after it. I suppose if that goes well in that I come in under 8 minutes it'll give me a lot of confidence for Saturday.

I'm not saying i've definetly cracked the weight problem but i'm currently looking at it a slightly different way and it appears to be working down 1.1kg from the previous week which was down .8kg. So since the start I'm down a little over 2kg so far. It's not quiet the weight I had hoped for but if I can continue this I could be 3kg lighter than 8 weeks ago which would help.


So how do I think the race will go?

If I'm been brutally honest I don't think I'm quiet there yet. I'll give it everything and go for sub 20 I've trained really well so who knows I might get it. I've trained better than I did last year. Most of the missed sessions were the long runs so not sure how that'll effect me at 4k.

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  • Nico Roche

    Best wishes Monsieur, we are all so proud of you and what you do for the sport. You are above awesome.

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