#Week 2 5k in under 20 minutes

Week two was busy. Whilst the main focus is breaking 20 minutes there was also the small matter of a swim from Bray to Greystones that we had organised amongst a group of friends over the summer and we were due to attempt it on Saturday. As a result I missed one session again this week although it was the less important one the easy run.

Tuesday I attempted the first session which is treadmill based 20mins at 5:05 pace 20 minutes at 4:55 and 20 minutes at 4:45 pace. I wouldn't normally find this particularly hard on the road outside but for some reason for me everything is harder on a treadmill. I got to 30 minutes and blew up. Think the young girl on the treadmill beside me was relieved as she was covered in my sweat. I tried this session again on Wednesday thinking maybe it was the diet the day before but same result just couldn't do it.

Thursday Did the hill repeats again on Go Gym hill ............these sessions kill me the less said about them the better.

Friday- Feeling nervous about the swim I decided to knock the 40 mins on the head and concentrate on the swim.

Saturday- Swim was much easier than we had anticipated although conditions were really tough the tide was very much with us and we covered the 6k in 1 hour 20 minutes. Was a great swim really enjoyed it. I was a bit worried about getting cold as there was only 2 of us in togs. I was fine in the water but got cold very quickly once we got out. Thankfully John Glynn had a nice big Jacket for me when we got out.


Sunday- So I missed my long run last week and didn't think it was that big a deal but I was told that this is still one of the most important sessions for the sub 20. on Sunday I ran 100 minutes and the pace was easy 5:45 average per kilometre.


Weight was down .8kg 

The weight loss has been a little disappointing to date It's 1.7kg in total which sounds good but I could literally put that on in a weekend easy enough so I should be able to lose a lot more over 2 weeks.


4 Runs this week hard run tonight on the treadmill

10 * 4:40 per k for 1 minute and 5:40 recovery 


Here's hoping for a good weeks training getting close to living on a prayer.


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  • Tom

    Are you doing the sessions locally could we meet up to do them?

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