Asics Metarun Review.

So this is Asics newest greatest shoe. Asics have spent a lot of time and money researching this shoe that doesn't always translate to the best shoe ever. Probably the single biggest talking point about this shoe is the price tag, at €250 it is expensive there's no getting away from that. So lets look at everything else.



First feel in the shop.

If you can get over the price tag and try the shoe on it's surprising light, we weighed the uk size 8 at 315 grams which is a good deal lighter than the Kayano. This is not targeted as a light weight shoe so of course if you pick up performance trainers and racing flats you'll have no problems finding something lighter than it.


The Tech bit.

So Asics have bought a lot of new technologies to the market which is good as it's been a while since they have updated a lot of their technologies. Duomax was first introduced to the market in the 90's. They have now changed it really for the first time in this shoe to introduce sloped duomax and adaptruss. Which is part of the Carbon fibre in the shoe that has made all the headlines. So it is quiet rigid on the medial side protecting the overpronator.

They have also introduced XGel which is a new type of cushioning system which will be rolled out in all their shoes going forward. The new EVA (midsole material) is also lighter and more responsive. 



Who is going to like this shoe?

Been the only shop in Ireland to have these shoes we've had a few pairs going around amongst the Staff. The general consensus was if you like the Kayano or even the 2000's your going to love the Metarun. If you aren't an Asics kind of guy or girl they are worth trying on to see if you like them as the fit is certainly different.

If your go to shoe is something lightweight like a DS Trainer/Brooks Launch/Saucony Kinvara or Nike Free I don't think your going to like this shoe, too rigid too heavy.

We will receive our full drop of shoes in March. At the moment we just received a limited drop and because there were pre orders down we have some holes in our size run that we can't get until March. If your a common size though we probably have it in stock so drop in store and try them out.