Hoka Clifton 6 Review

For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past few years Hoka are the brand that came out with the very funky looking shoe that most of the other brands are now copying in some shape or form.


The Clifton 6 is one of their flagship shoes this and the Bondi are by far the two biggest sellers in both Amphibian King stores. They have updated the upper on this shoe, version 5 was prone to rips at the side which would come towards the end of life of the shoe and this has been addressed. The EVA they are using in the midsole is slightly different and definitely has a softer feel under foot. I did find my pair showing wear signs on the midsole after pax 250-300k. They weren't gone at that stage but you could see wear signs on them which wouldn't happen with the brands that tend to use more blown rubber on the outsoles like a Mizuno or Asics. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as some people don't notice that the cushioning is actually gone in the midsole of a pair of shoes so the fact that brands like Hoka and Saucony will show signs of wearing remind people to replace them.


If you've worn the Clifton before I think you'll like the update. The toe box is roomer which was definitely needed and the cushioning is nice and light. This is a daily mileage trainner and is a good option for someone looking to try their first Hoka one one shoe.