Mizuno Skyrise Review

The Mizuno Skyrise is what we would classify as a long distance training shoe. It's designed for someone with a neutral gait looking to log long training miles and not as concerned about speed more about injury prevention. If you're training for the couch to 5k or if you're already up to 10k but enjoy getting out for a run this is the perfect shoe for you. If you're looking to break 20 minutes for that 5k run maybe worth looking at something a little lighter.



Here's what we thought after running in the shoe for a little over a month.


First feel on in the shop this is a heavily cushioned shoe. You feel the spongy cushioning coming from the midsole straight away. Some customers don't like this they like to be able to feel the ground but if you prefer a very soft cushioned shoe I think you might like the Skyrise.

Size wise it fits pretty true to size. I had read a few reviews whereby they mentioned fitting a half size up but trying it on for customers in store in Amphibian King we've found it to be a shoe that measures close to size and is consistent to Mizuno's other shoes.

Many customers coming in store have their own orthotics that they like to put into the shoe. A lot of the podiatrists that recommend Mizuno used to recommend the Mizuno Wave Ultima which took an orthotic very well. The Sky Rise is supposed to fulfil that function but we didn't find that with this particular shoe.

In fact if you were to compare it directly against the Ultima The Sky Rise is a more comfortable shoe to try on straight off the bat. However we have struggled with some of the bigger orthotics going inside it. The shoe itself isn't as deep as the Ultima was.