New Years Resolutions

How to stick to your new years running resolution.


1. Put a goal down

I know some people say they are only running for weight loss or fitness and they have no interest in "racing". However if there is an end goal in sight and you are running and training towards that the weight loss or fitness comes as part of that. The race at the end of 8 weeks is your way of getting fit.

2. Buddy system.

Ideally join a club or the many running groups that are around now, not only will you get some great advice but you'll also feel on the cold wet January nights that you may have skipped that people expect to see you there.

3. Commit to it.

Stick a few photo's of you out running on social media. You'll be amazed most people will encourage you and want you to succeed, those who don't are just jealous you're out there and they're not.

4. Reward yourself.

Say for example you were in your local friendly running store and there was a jacket that you really liked but couldn't justify paying for it as it was a little too expensive, make a deal with yourself if you complete all you said you would running wise in January than your going to get the Jacket.

5. Track everything.

There's great apps out there now to keep track of all your runs. It may not seem like such a big deal now but in June when you go back and look at what you did in January you can see how far you've come. It helps keep the motivation up!!


Best of luck and remember now is the easiest time to get PB's so go out there an get them.