Race Week


So we're going to give it a crack on Saturday in Shanganagh park run. Training went ok this week. I was more confident 8 weeks ago when I was giving it a shot then I am this week. That was misplaced confidence to be fair, I'm not sure why I was so confident I hadn't really done many k's under 4 minutes. This time I know I haven't quiet been able to hit the times Gary was giving me so it doesn't bode well for Saturday.


On the flip side i'm in much better shape than I was 8 weeks ago and it's just 80 seconds I have to knock off. I went into the phoneix park this week to do my interval session it was tough. I had to do 1*800 meters at 4 min k pace then 200 recovery then 4*400 at sub 4 min k pace and 100 recovery then 1*800 a 4 min k. My legs just went to jelly after the 3rd 400 and couldn't hit the times after that. I didn't eat well on the day and hopefully just ran out of fuel.

We're trying to get someone to pace us on Saturday so if you're around at 9:30 on Saturday be great to get a hand going around. Whatever happens on Friday i'll be going back to longer slower runs with the Ironman and Brecca looming on the Horizion.