Saucony Iso Freedom

Saucony Iso Freedom.


This is a category that has been really strong for Saucony. The light weight training shoe as opposed to an out and out Racing flat. Saucony have targeted the Kinvara customer who is looking for a lighter more cushioned shoe.

With their new Everrun technology running the whole way through the midsole it is giving this shoe a very good "in shop feel". We've had it in store now nearly 4 months and customers have been really impressed with how it feels in store compared to Kinvara.

The shoe fits a little bit narrower than a Sacuony Kinvara and some existing Kinvara customers have gone up a size in this shoe. This shoe really suits two different types of customer. 

1) That heavier runner with a heavy foot strike who is looking at getting something lighter onto his/her feet and is looking at Racing flats. For this customer this would be another shoe to add to the mix which would be used mostly for races and tempo or interval runs but not for long runs.

2) The good club runner who is looking for a lightweight shoe that does everything, their long run and can still do their club sessions in them. This type of runner may only have the one shoe on the go and this would be their go to shoe.


It's interesting how many shoes Saucony have produced in this category in the past 6/7 years they clearly see a lot of growth in this area as opposed to your traditional high mileage shoe like a Nimbus or Ghost.

Available online or in store.