Mizuno Wave Sky 7 Men's
Mizuno Wave Sky 7 Men's
Mizuno Wave Sky 7 Men's
Mizuno Wave Sky 7 Men's
Mizuno Wave Sky 7 Men's

Mizuno Wave Sky 7 Men's

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This shoe offers a feeling of floating while running. Its features include the MIZUNO ENERZY CORE for cushioning and energy return, MIZUNO WAVE technology for great stability, and the woven material provides a soft and smooth fit. This is the ultimate comfortable shoe for runners of all body types to sail through their runs. • MIZUNO ENERZY CORE / MIZUNO ENERZY: You can feel the soft cushioning and high energy return. • MIZUNO WAVE: Enhances stability without sacrificing the floating feel while running • Smooth Stretch Woven - The material offers a soft and smooth fit by slowly stretching horizontally without stretching vertically. By reducing the thickness of the fabric and adopting a new design that weaves air vents into the vamp, breathability is improved for an even more comfortable fit.


STACK (MM): 8.0


FEATURES: For daily runners of all body types who prefer a floating running experience.



The amount of protection and
comfort the shoe offers



The combination of transition, weight and
overall ride suitability for fast runners




The level of stability the shoe offers to help offset over pronation.