10 Day's out to Ironman Barcelona.

So since I've come back from Breca i've really been cramming big style especially on the bike. I'm not great on the bike at the best of times it's easily my weakest of the three and i've really neglected it this time. Having done Lanzarote and Nice bike course I think because they really scared me I trained very hard for them but Barcelona is supposed to be flat and I really have only gone past 100k 2 times whereby I cycled 110k on my own and then last Saturday went out with three "buddys" to do a long bike.


The long bike which is only my second one was torture. Normally on a long bike i'd have a few little breaks whereby you might fill the water bottle up every 90 minutes or so. These boys were packed and ready for 5 hours of non stop spinning there was no getting off. We met up in Rathnew in Conor's place and left from there. Like I said i'm not great on the bike, after about 20 minutes the sweat was pumping out of me as the lads were chatting away, I was losing water a lot quicker than it was going back in and it wasn't a particularly warm day it was just the pace. I was kind of at the back with Ronan who actually wears Ear aids but doesn't put them in when he's cycling so he couldn't hear me scream in pain a few times. We had left Rathnew and were heading south we were now coming in towards "Inch" I saw a petrol station and told them I'd go in here and keep following them towards Court town which was maybe another 20k away. 

When I stopped and took the helmet off the sweat just rolled down my face, into the shop for two can's of coke and refreshed the water felt a good deal better and started chasing after the guys ( I say chasing but i'm pretty sure they were travelling faster). The strange thing about the day was I was only averaging 165 watts on the power meter and sure i'd raced Dublin 70.3 with an average of 190 watts and didn't feel this wiped. Met up with the guys as they were coming back from court town. I managed to hold onto a wheel for about 20k but as we came back in to Gorey I was losing them again so I stopped for another refuel in the petrol station, assuming they would go on but no they can back to inflict more torture on me.

We got back to the old N11 at this stage it was fairly obvious I was holding them up so we started doing laps of the old N11 which oddly enough didn't really help with my already brittle confidence getting lapped can do that to you. There was another garage stop for me after the 2nd lap. I was a broken man by the end of the cycle, many many times the thought crossed my mind "why am I doing this to myself?"

I do feel like the swim has training has gone ok, the run has also been ok  but I'm not sure that's going to matter as the bike will have me broken by the end of it. I'm looking forward to Barcelona, I think it might take a little longer than some of the other ones. What will get me through it is the hurlers on the ditch saying they could have done it better (Liam Dillion).

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