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1st Week of 6 done.

Posted by Damian McKeever on


So having failed to break 20 minutes for 5k it was back to the drawing board. What have I changed to try and break it this time. I've got help, I didn't just get a plan off the Internet. I've Gary Crossan giving me a hand with a program. Straight away we worked out the problem. One of the first sessions was 3* 1k in 3 mins 50 seconds with 90 seconds recovery. I couldn't even go sub 4 for did I think I could string 5 of them in a row!!!

I'm only running 4 days a week this time. The last plan had about 6 days a week and I always missed about 2 so commit to 4 days and don't miss any. I've also ropped in a few training buddies so on those days when your trying to hit a particular time you have someone else to push you. No man is an Island and all that.

So last week we had one hilly run of about 50 minutes headed out to Bray Greystones cliff walk and did that. It was probabaly the easiest run of 4, then we had run 18 minutes away from the shop but make sure you get back in 17 minutes so it was about pacing really ( I think!). Did the Interval on Thursday..... I was dreading it all week. Ran the first 1k in 4:01 then next one was 4:14 then 4:20,4:25 was really disappointing to be honest but maybe shows how far I have to come. I was supposed to be hitting them all in 3:45.

We had  a swim Time Trial last week on the Wednesday which whilst it didn't go well time wise I was 6:10 for 400 meters we were all bad so I think we just had a bad time trial. Biking went very well last week, Got on the bike 3 times in total so it's a start made on the bike just need to keep it going this week.

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