Aquathon Race report

I always feel like the summer has started when the first Aquathon on Bray seafront takes place. There's three of these races and they basically fall in the middle of each of the summer months. The previous weeks training wasn't great in that I just couldn't hit the times on the intervals that I needed to hit. 


So was told by coach Gary to run the first lap really hard, and see where you're at after that. I sort of knew it just meant race hard because it's not like you're going to slow up on the second lap. There were a few lads and lassies that I was hoping to put in a better time against. Usually i'd have a bit of a lead from the swim and try and hold them off on the run. I haven't really been swimming that much lately so I came out of the water a lot further down than I'd normally be. However with all the fast stuff I've been doing running wise, I didn't slip as far down the field as I normally would. 

The big thing was trying to get the better of Pete Wedderburn. I think last year he clean sweeped me 3-0 the previous year I got one but it was 2-1 by the end of the summer. I had my usual lead on Pete out of the water about 1/2 minutes so i'd say Pete had a bad swim himself. I managed to hold that gap on the run so thankfully he didn't put any time into me on the run. 

It'll only fuel him up for the July event though I'd say he'll be gunning for me then!!!!


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