Bad Bad Week. Ronald came back into my life.

Last week was a disaster, honestly I think I had more trips to McDonalds last week than training sessions. On Sunday after work I was on my way home for a long run in bray but I was hungry so stopped in Carrickmines thinking I might pick up a something sort of healthy. All the Sandwhich places were finished so ended up going to McDonalds. I did not want to run after their happy meal. Things were busy enough work wise, a few things that we are doing with the shops in Bray and Ballymount made it a busy week outside of training. We've expanded the shop in Ballymount from a small portion downstairs to taking over most of upstairs. It's great to give us a more space and more room to work in but it and along with what we are doing in Bray at the moment messed up training a little this week.


After the heroics of Sunday's blistering half marathon I gave myself a full rest day.


Plan said cycle for 3 hours and do a little 30 min run

What I actually did was got on the turbo and watched Rocky 4 all the way up until he defeated Ivan Drago. That got me to 2 hour 3 mins and I got off and there was no way I was running after that.


Plan said Swim 90 mins and 60 mins hard on Turbo.

I nailed weds no problems. Did Titans in the morning and then got on the turbo after work.


Is typically a good day for training so had a swim run and bike planned.

In the end the shop was busy and life got in the way. I didn't done after my swim on Thursday morning.

Friday- Plan said swim 90 mins 1 hour run and 1 hour turbo.

Again all I manged was the 5.30am swim, then it was straight into Ballymount to help getting the shop upstairs. Had a meeting with Accountant then at 3pm which went on longer than planned so nothing else done on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday were a total miss with the shops been very busy. Even ended up in McDonalds so it wasn't even as if I was eating healthy or anything. Whole week was a Mess. I feel like i've let down a lot of my peeps out there, I know Stephen Roche was reading the Blog and so was Seamus Coleman I hope they realise that we're all on the comeback trail.


Next week is a new week. I'm going to forget about this week and start fresh.




  • Damian mckeever

    Thanks J appreciate the feedback think as a suggestion you might post some of the blog on the training room wall as motivation for the lads?

    Ronald you are dead to me.

  • Jamie Heaslip

    Love it Damian. Even though i have never met you, i follow your blog religiously. There are some great pieces of advice for me and the Leinster boys. We all love how you approach your chosen discipline and what you give to others from it.

    Jamie H.

  • Ronald McDonald

    Hi Damian,

    It was great to catch up with you over the weekend. You know at this stage your money is no good in any of our restaurants, you do so much publicity for us we will never take your money.

    No one has beaten your record of “All the meals in one sitting”. You will forever be our King.


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