Breca Pre Race.

So it's been a little while since I updated the blog. Training has been going well. I've completed a lot of events. Fingal 10k, King Of Greystones Sprint Triathlon, Frank Duffy 10 miler, Dublin Ironman 70.3 and Brittas Bay Olympic distance Triathlon.


Training has been going well enough. I've been doing regular runs but not too many over the 10k mark. I've been on the Turbo for the bike but again haven't been over 90 minutes in the saddle very often. In fact the only thing i've been doing long distances in is the swim, where i've done a few 5k+ swims and it's the only thing I don't need to be doing long.

Breca involves swimming 9k and running 46k in total. The longest swim is only about 1.5k and the longest run is 21k. You have to do it with a partner who stays within 25 meters of you at all times for safety mainly. I'm doing it with Oonagh Morrissey who will have to endure me telling lots of stories as we go along. I'm hoping that it doesn't go too long over 10 hours as i've only really got about 10 hours worth of stories, so the last few k could be very lonely indeed.

You have to do it all in the same gear so the swimming is done in runners and you also run in your wetsuit and stay within 10 meters of your partner for the whole race.



I'm looking forward to Breca, as I feel like i've done plenty of swimming and running I suppose i'm more apprehensive about Barcelona Ironman 3 weeks later where i've done very little biking. Bring it on!!!

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