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Failed attempt 20:50

Posted by Damian McKeever on




So my last attempt at breaking 20 minutes for 5k ended up in failure. The training had gone ok leading up towards it, certainly had gone better than the previous 6 week block where I wasn't really hitting the times. 

We were lucky to have Dom Horan pacing us out. I was amazed at how easy the first 500 meters felt. I think the last time when myself and Declan did it we did the first 500 meter in about 1:45 but this time I'd say we were bang on 2 minutes and it made a difference. So when I went past the finish line for the first time I actually felt pretty strong and fresh. When the pain did come though it came quick and sharp. I'd say at about 1.5k I was far from comfortable and thought this might just pass. It didn't but we hit the 2k mark on target with another sub 4 min k under the belt. The 3rd k is up the mildest of hills nothing really but everything feels tough when you're at your limit. That's when I slipped off the pace, lost about 20 seconds on that k. It was tough then because although you can see your pacer you know that it's all over you'll never make up the time.

I burst a gut to try and limit the damage as much as possible but in the end came home in 20 minutes 50 seconds. It is a pb on that track by 30 seconds over my last attempt. I have to start concentrating on the Ironman and Brecca now so no more of the short fast stuff, it's back to long slow stuff. I may do the odd 5k between now and the end of the Ironman and maybe just by the fact that i've dropped weight I may still break the time but I'm not going to attempt again until after the Ironman.

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  • Lol maybe. The first attempt I did it in my Stars and Stripes calf guards I couldn’t find them last Saturday!!

    Damian on
  • Hopefully will be home next July, if so would like to give that sub 20 ago with you, maybe the fear of a old trump voter besting you to the finish. Will be the push you need ???

    Mick Guinness on

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