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Good Week/Bad Week.

Posted by Damian McKeever on


I actually felt like I had a really solid week training this week and missed very few sessions then I went to load up the picture above and realised there's a lot of Red (missed) sessions and there's the one Yellow is basically means an incomplete session.


The sub 20 5k plan has me usually doing a speed/interval session on the Tuesday's and something fast again on the Friday. So the plan said 2 mile warm up 4 miles tempo and 2 miles cool down. I went out at a very easy pace for the warm up about 5:30 per k thinking this is grand, then first mile I ran 4:40 per k pace by the time I got to the 3rd mile I was gone totally out of puff. I had a pool session on Thursday morning that shouldn't have been that hard but I ended up blowing up on and not sure if I was still fatigued from that.


I took Saturday off altogether as felt I needed the rest, in fairness I felt I had a great long run then on Sunday. The long run's aren't all that long when you're training for a 5k but it said 14k at a nice easy pace, I ran sub 5min k pace and it felt ok, maybe not quiet comfortable but I could hold a conversation.


A lot of the time with my training i'm always thinking if I could shift weight i'd be much faster so always looking to do the run slow burn fat type training thinking once the weight is off I'll do speed work. That hasn't worked and as a great man once said

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got" Liam Dillion 2006.

So now I'm not concentrating on the weight I'm just going to follow the plan and try and keep the diet as healthy as possible and see how that works out. I'll weigh myself once a week on the Monday morning and see how we go.

So I'm down 2.1kg since last Monday morning, which in theory sounds great but I can put 2kg on in a day easy enough!! I hate when fitness experts say oh 2kg is too much to lose because when your able to put on 5kg over a week you need to be able to at least lose 2kg a week. I'm still very heavy for this time of year at 90kg, I was racing weigh of about 86kg last year so hopefully get down to there that should give me a good 10kg weight advantage on fluboy phelan.




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  • Hi Damian,

    I love your blog updates, I was leading the London Marathon at the weekend, thinking what would Damian McKeever do in this situation. You are a true Inspiration to all African runners.

    Daniel Wanjiru
    (London Marathon winner 2017)

    Daniel Wanjiru on

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