It's back breaking 20 minutes for 5k


So it's back trying to break 20 minutes for 5k. This time I'm getting support to do it, so we've opened it up to anyone to help or help themselves to break 20 minutes for 5 kilometres. I know it's not incredibly fast but for me it's a real target.

If you are keen to get involved pm me your details and I can add you to the what's app group and you'll get the full training plan and we do one of the four sessions (the hardest one) together. We are going to do the Shanganagh park run on the 16th December so hopefully we can enjoy Christmas having done a PB for a 5k run.

We're now halfway through the second week. So we've done two speed sessions. I always find speed sessions very tough. The first one there was 4 of us doing it and I was the slowest by some distance. When we were supposed to be going fast I just concentrated on trying to keep those ahead of me in eye shot. Luckily I've really good vision so I can see a good mile down the road pretty well.

The second speed session was  bit better for me. Michael Bolger showed up and we were close to each other, some of the intervals he was ahead of me and some I was ahead so it really pushed me on. I ran some faster k splits knowing he was just ahead of me or behind me. Although I felt like I had pushed myself the previous week I think you tend to push yourself harder if there's someone breathing down your neck as opposed to just seeing people ahead of you.

Anyone interested in what we did for the week here is the session 


Day 1 70 minute run nice easy pace.

Day 2 15 minute warm up then 8 minute tempo run (we ran about 4:20 per k pace). Then 2 minute recovery. The 10 mins of 1 min hard 1 min easy. Then 2 mins recovery. Then 8 minutes tempo finish with 10 mins cool down. We covered 10k in about 52 mins.

Day 3 hilly 7k run.

Day 4 35 mins with 10 *100 strides at the end.





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