It's showtime.


So Race week has arrived. In general the plan and the training went well. I missed a fair few sessions but I don't think I missed any key sessions, I got all the hard sessions in the week but missed some of the easy ones, in fairness I was swimming too so that may have been ok.

I did a bit of a trial run in training and ran 21:40. It's the fastest I've run in a good while and it's 100 seconds off where I need to be but I think Race day will get me the rest of the way there and the fact that i've told so many people I'm going to do it I'll have to bury myself in the process.

Had a lot of very positive messages from friends this week telling me i'll be the first white male over 90kg over the age of 40 driving in a black van and working on the upper Dargle road to ever break 20 minutes for 5k which is really something to aim for. Of course there is Joe O'Keefe who drives a black van but he works in Bargain Town on the lower Dargle road so he doesn't count.

I have found the interval training ok so I know I can run a kilometer in under 4 mins. It's just a question of stringing 5 of them together. I know Liam Dillion will be on the side cheering me on and i've a pace team in place to keep us going.

Fingers crossed we make it on the day!!


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