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So Three weeks into the sub 20 minutes for 5k and i'm not as confident as I was last week. I missed all my bike sessions again for the 3rd week running!! haven't got on a bike since Quest. I missed two run sessions for the first time since I started the run plan. Now in fairness they were two "recovery" easy paced runs so i'm not too worried. I did two speed sessions again and one longer run.

Was struggling with motivation early in the week which meant I missed my swim on Monday with Titans then did no running either. Had done nothing all day Tuesday and was down to do a tough Interval session, in the end I went down and did the Wicklow Tri session, it ended up been hill repeats so wasn't exactly what was on the plan (10*800's) but it was a tough workout when I was lacking motivation was just what the doctor ordered.

The Friday session was 2 miles warm up 4*1 mile at your 5k race pace with a 2 minute full recovery. I did the session in Shanaganagh park I converted my watch over to miles so didn't really know the actual pace as I always work in kilometers. I was hoping my k's were going to be sub 4 minutes and when I loaded everything up and saw they were actually closer to 4:30 minute pace. It's given me a bit of a kick up the arse, the last time I ran under 23 minutes I was actually 5kg lighter so I really need to drop weight and not miss anymore sessions.

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  • Tony Robbins

    Hey Damian,

    Great to see the improvements your making. I hope you don’t mind but I had a talk in Vegas last week about how to unleash your inner beast. I used your blog as an example of how to achieve what seems impossible.

    You’re huge and I mean Donald Trump type huge over here in the States you should really look into coming over and doing motivational talks.

    Tony Robins.

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