Slight Change of direction!!



Ok so i'm only 4 weeks into an Ironman training plan and already i'm getting bored!!!


The bike training was grand, there was a purpose to each session. The swimming was just masters groups so there's no time to get bored but the running was just so bland. It was always run 45mins easy, run 50 mins easy, run 55 mins easy and that was it. I'm not good at doing Intervals and fartleks so I feel I needed to add them to the sessions. I decided to replace the running sessions with a 6 week plan to break 20 minutes for the 5k. It's a much shorter term goal than the Ironman and I feel I need something to keep me focused. So I downloaded a plan on top of my Ironman plan but i've taken the Ironman run training out of the equation.

So the first week into it and I hit all the sessions for running and really enjoyed them too. I missed every bike session and some pool sessions but a lot of that was the week that was in it with Easter break the Masters weren't meeting up as often so it was a hap hazard week anyway.

My 5k time is currently about 22:30 so i've about 2 and a half minutes to shave off i'm going to run sub 20 minutes on Saturday May 20th. When I break 20 minutes for 5k it's going to put fluboy Phelan under real pressure cause I reckon i've got at least 3 minutes on him in the 750 meter swim. Fellas like Damien Coyle, Brian Doyle, Shane O'Neil won't even be at the races.

Next week is supposed to be my rest and test week, so it's a slightly easier week with a bike test on the Saturday. As you can see I really struggle to fit the time in at the weekend, it's easier for me to train during the week than the weekend with the shop and kids.




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  • Alistair Brownlee

    Hi Damian,

    Alistair here myself and the brother love reading your updates on the blog every week. We are both very worried about you getting back to your peak and competing on the ITU circut has your coach given you an ETA of when you’ll be at the peak of fitness.


    A very worried Alistair Brownlee.

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