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Struggling to hit those times.

Posted by Damian McKeever on


So for my last attempt at breaking 5k I prob didn't spend too much time worrying about what actually splits I was doing but this time I'm paying a lot more attention to the times, and they're not great. For example Thursdays session was a 3k time trial to see where we are at. Ideally I should be able to at least run 3k in under 12 minutes at this stage.

So we did our warm up and then went out to run the hard 3k. You never really know how you're going until the 1st k. So the watch beeped and I felt like I had gone really hard and was praying it would start with 3mins something. Thankfully we came in on 3:53 for the first k. However training partner dropped off after the first k and then running on your own suddenly seemed much harder, the second k which to me seemed harder than the first k came in at 4:15 that nearly killed me then the last k was 4:29. 

We were both gutted with the time felt like it just wanted a real reflection of where we are currently at. We had two speed sessions last week and couldn't really hit either of the times. I suppose I'm not sure if i'm in a better place 2 weeks out than I was when I last attempted it 4 weeks ago. I've missed nearly no training sessions on the running but I could be a bit fatigued from biking and swimming and not getting proper results in training.

This week sees the first of the Bray Aquathlons starting for the summer. The plan is to swim hard enough and go balls out for the first lap, forget about the second lap just hammer the first one and see what the splits are like for that. It's going to be a lot of pain!!!

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