Super Skinny me


Ok so we had another failed attempt at breaking 20 minutes. Without going into too much details about what went wrong. One thing did strike me as I was up in the 21 minute group, I was certainly one of the heaviest runners around here. I was looking around whilst been in a world of pain to see if anyone was as heavy as me. There was one or two but not many.


So it got me thinking about diet again. Now I've prob failed on Diet more times than anything else but I thought what if I could come up with some sort of novel idea to keep me focused. Now there's  better more scientific ways of losing weight but I remember watching the film "Supersize me". The deal was the guy had to live purely off the McDonalds menu for a month. He was assessed before and after for loads of health stats below is a summary of the movie.


So Basically I'm looking to do this in reverse. I'm putting no restriction on the amount of food that i'm eating so in theory I could put on weight, however I eat so much Junk I've a feeling this can only go one way, well no actually two. I'll either stick to it or I won't. I'm only doing it for 14 days, as thats when the next attempt at 5k is on.

So after the failed attempt we went out to drown our sorrows and that's when it struck me after 6 pints and a jokers snack box  whilst I was upside down. I thought, I know what i'm going to do I'll do what that guy did in McDonalds but i'll do it the other way around.


So the two stats we're going to measure are weight and speed.

Current weight 92.5 Kilograms

Current 5k time 21:17




  • vzkqdtunqs

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Conor

    Your MickyD sponsorship will be called into question, surely. Actually, maybe that leaves an opportunity open for me. Give them my number, will you?

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