Two weeks into the 5k plan and haven't seen too many 3 mins something a kilometer.

So it's prob been my best week training wise in quiet a while. The two missed sessions were the long Run which was a big one to miss and the bric run off the bike. I also swapped a training swim for a race on the Saturday. It was my first time this year getting into the sea and without a wetsuit just togs. It was pretty cold but because it was a race you just got on with it. Finished 125th place. It's a handicapped race so I was off on 3:45 mins after go, it's short enough race so trying to catch people off that time is beyond me. Having said that there's some really good swimmers going off behind me at like 8 or 9 minutes and they flew past me.

I was very good on the bike this week and managed to get my long bike in on Sunday. My bike is the one that requires the most amount of work so it's important not to miss any sessions.

The sub 20 min 5k is going ok. I got my hard sessions out of the way early in the week so did my intervals on the weds. They were 800 meter intervals and I was doing them at about 4:10 pace. Then on Thursday I roped Kenny Noonan in for the hill repeats, so we found a hill on Big Bum Boulveard and ran up it 8 times........that was a tough session. I'm finding it really tough to get in fast runs that are below 4 min k pace. This week I have to do 200 meter intervals. I need to get someone else out with me as trying to do that on your own means you don't push yourself as hard.


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