Two weeks left till final 5k attempt.

So I've two full weeks left until I give this sub 20 minutes for 5k a final bash. I have to concentrate on longer racing as I've Ironman Barcelona and Brecca Jersey coming up.

So this week the Interval session was a toughie. I had 3k warm up and then two k's at sub 4:15 per k (so moving for me) then 1 minute hard 1 minute easy and then 1k had to be sub 4 mins at the end. I was hoping to do it with Declan Hogan but the pull of the Horse and Hound was too strong so I was left staring out the window of Shoreline in the pissing rain thinking I have to do this on my tolberone. To make things easier I ran to the top of BBB as my warm up 3k then ran down, the first one was fast I came in at 3:54 the second one I took easier as I was only supposed to be hitting 4:15 and wanted to make sure I had something in the tank for the 1k sub 4 at the end so that was 4:09. 


I did my 1k Interval down at SOBE it's a really quiet road and I hate people seeing you when you're really giving it everything so the chances of anyone seeing you on that road are slim. I gave it everything and thought I was going to be coming in at 3:30 really felt like I'd gone fast. Was surprised when it was 3:59 but at the same time happy enough I'd done a decent enough set before that without a cool down as such and was still able to pull out a 3:59 in the end even if it was only just!!!

Swimming has taken a real hit in the last few weeks, i've only swam about 10k in total i'd say in 3 weeks whereas in January Feb I was regularly hitting 10k a week. Two more weeks of 4 runs a week then it's back to three runs a week and try and get back to a bit of swimming.......oh and the the bike must be done at some stage!!

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