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What is Brecca

Posted by Damian McKeever on

So when i'm chatting to people in the shop and tell them I'm doing Brecca they usually ask "what the hell is that?". 


The one i'm doing is over in Jersey, and you basically swim from one island or rock to the next and when  you get to the island you run to the other side. You can bring anything you want with you to help so hand paddles are allowed pull bouy is allowed you could even bring a kickboard if you like but you have to carry it with you on the run and the rest of the way. So you're swimming in your runners and running in your wetsuit.


Brecca is on at the 9th September and Ironman Barcelona is on the 1st October. This blog is going to detail how I mange to fit in all the training to get ready for both events. If your looking for a very sceintific way to train for these events there are other blogs that I could recommend you follow. I've two really whingy kids so it's trying to fit in training and work to get myself into some sort of shape. I forgot to mention you've also got to do Brecca with a partner so if you look at the photo they're tied together. My swim and Run buddy Jan Vitek hasn't ran for a luas since the Dublin Marathon 2016 and hasn't swam since his christmas day plunge in Greystones. There's a pretty good chance we'll be chasing cut offs for the Brecca thing and as a team we will be combined weight well in excess of 200kgs. 

The Plan?

Well I have an Ironman training plan that I bought on training peaks and going to use that for the Ironman. I think i'll just throw in a lot of extra runs and come summer time when I get into the sea I'm going to just combine a lot of my swims and runs together. So first week into the training plan and it was just about getting into the habit of training. Anything that is Green in color means I did it correctly anything that is red means I missed it totally and Yellow means either I did too much of the planned activity or more likely I didn't do enough of it (for example it was a  1 hour run and I only did 40 mins). This blog is more to help me have some responsibility for my training. I'm considering entering some humour into the blog later maybe in the next installment.


training peaks week

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  • Thanks for the support it really means a lot. Conor I know I inspired you to do your first Ironman and although your clearly getting on in years I believe their is still life in the auld dog and you might get out and do an old sprint Triathlon this year.

    Never give up your battle to get down to 16 stone keep striving and stop eating.

    Damian on
  • Great. Log by a great guy

    Simon LeBon on
  • Damo, it’s always so encouraging to see the ‘larger’ athletes, such as yourself and Jan, having a go at these things. Hopefully you’ll finish one of these races at some point.

    Best of luck.


    Conor on
  • Thanks Nico yourself and your dad have always been so supportive of my training and I really appreciate staying in your hotel in nice for free.

    Damian on
  • Bon chance Damian. We all wish you, Kelly and your beautiful family so much love and happiness. Nic

    Nicholas Roche on

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