Wicklow Gaol Break Half Marathon.

Wicklow Gaol Break half marathon



So having got one good week of training under the belt, I'd decided at the end of this week I'd enter a half marathon. I did this event last year and did well coming home in 1:38 I knew i'd never get that time this year but wanted to test myself and see where we were at.

Swimming went well I got to 2 Titans sessions which were tough. We had a time Trial on the Wednesday so I lost a bit of time on that. My PB is 5:58 and put together a 6:10 for 400 meters. This had me pretty wrecked on Thursday but managed three sessions in that day. Friday I couldn't make 5:30am start in Titans so did Westwood swim instead which was supposed to be 2,500 meters swimming but Pat was leading out and he's a Gardai, it was prob only 2,000 meters.

So managed to string together a good week. Hit all the sessions bar the Saturday bike session which was only an hour easy enough anyway. Decided to do no training Saturday and try and rest as best I could for the half marathon on Sunday.

There was four of us signed up to do the half marathon. Liam Dillion my old sparring partner, Ken Noonan (a deluded neighbour) and world renowned photographer Alan Rowlette. Alan had been running very well a a few years ago and had pitched an idea to Asics that they sponsor him and document his return to running greatness. I mentioned the idea to Asics thinking they would just laugh it off but they were interested in getting involved in more grass routes and thought with his instagram following it might be worth looking at. So they went down to watch him run, unfortunately Al suffers a bit from pre match nerves and wasn't able to show up on the day. So the three of us headed down to Wicklow minus Al.

Race kicked off on time and is a very hilly course. I was thinking if I could hold 5min k pace for the first half and then see if there was anything left to kick on in the second half which is pretty much flat to slightly down hill. I found the hills much tougher in the first half than I remember from last year and saw 5:40 come up at one point on one of my splits. In my head I was thinking "Shit i'm going to have to pull out a 4:20 just to negate that one". In the end I did spit out a few more 5min somethings and had to much to do in the second half to even get in under 1:45 ended up 1:46.

It was a tough day out there with those hills and I think everyone would have been a bit slower than their own expectations. I didn't kill myself either so feel ok, Last year to get the 1:38 I really pushed myself. 

Delighted to have gotten another week under the belt and the bit of good weather we had really helped. So another busy week planned another week were I try and turn all the sessions Green as Red means I missed it!!


  • Damian

    Thanks Seamus, sorry to hear about your accident. Someone told me you got injured playing soccer I didn’t know that was possible.

    Good luck with the recovery

  • Seamus Coleman

    Turn the session green Damian. We love that in the Irish camp because we are the green army. Love your posts Damian.

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