Bad Bad Week. Ronald came back into my life.

Last week was a disaster, honestly I think I had more trips to McDonalds last week than training sessions. On Sunday after work I was on my way home for a long run in bray but I was hungry so stopped in Carrickmines thinking I might pick up a something sort of healthy. All the Sandwhich places were finished so ended up going to McDonalds. I did not want to run after their happy meal. Things were busy enough work wise, a few things that we are doing with the shops in Bray and Ballymount made it a busy week outside of training. We've expanded the shop in Ballymount from a small portion downstairs to taking over most of upstairs. It's great to give us a more space and more room to work in but it and along with what we are doing in Bray at the moment messed up training a little this week.


After the heroics of Sunday's blistering half marathon I gave myself a full rest day.


Plan said cycle for 3 hours and do a little 30 min run

What I actually did was got on the turbo and watched Rocky 4 all the way up until he defeated Ivan Drago. That got me to 2 hour 3 mins and I got off and there was no way I was running after that.


Plan said Swim 90 mins and 60 mins hard on Turbo.

I nailed weds no problems. Did Titans in the morning and then got on the turbo after work.


Is typically a good day for training so had a swim run and bike planned.

In the end the shop was busy and life got in the way. I didn't done after my swim on Thursday morning.

Friday- Plan said swim 90 mins 1 hour run and 1 hour turbo.

Again all I manged was the 5.30am swim, then it was straight into Ballymount to help getting the shop upstairs. Had a meeting with Accountant then at 3pm which went on longer than planned so nothing else done on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday were a total miss with the shops been very busy. Even ended up in McDonalds so it wasn't even as if I was eating healthy or anything. Whole week was a Mess. I feel like i've let down a lot of my peeps out there, I know Stephen Roche was reading the Blog and so was Seamus Coleman I hope they realise that we're all on the comeback trail.


Next week is a new week. I'm going to forget about this week and start fresh.




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